Mobile Sandblasting

Aeroblast Abrasive Blasting offers a full mobile sandblasting and protective coatings service for all jobs large or small meaning we can come to you, saving time and money having to transport equipment to factories or other premises.

We offer both traditional dry and wet mobile blasting services to suit the needs of your job. This process takes place both inside and outside to remove whatever coatings or membranes required.

Examples of this are:

Removal of paint from previously painted brick or rendered walls

Abrasive blasting is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to remove these types of coatings. Whether you want to remove the coating to see the old bricks, or you want to create a good bond to re-apply a new coating, our team of mobile sand blasters will get the jobs done.

Timber Blasting

Timber sandblasting can be used on all types of timber that have been painted, water-stained, fire damaged or has grown mould, to remove coatings and debris, making the wood look better than new! This practice is commonly found in old warehouse buildings where the structure is created of large timber uprights, beams and trusses as well as the underside of ceilings. Once more sandblasting timber will create a sound surface for repainting.

Swimming Pool Sandblasting

Mobile sandblasting is used in new and old pools, to remove paint and membrane coatings on old pools or to etch the surface of new pools to ensure the paint or tiles will bond. New or old sandblasting offers a cost-effective solution for pool surface renovations.


Concrete is sandblasted to create a non-slip surface of pavements, providing a p4 slip rating at a minimum. This process is also used for many architectural purposes. Using a laser or water cut steel stencils; any word, number, pattern or design can be sandblasted into any concrete surface! The other decorative finish on concrete is to create the exposed aggregate look; this can be achieved as heavy or as light as you like, meaning as much exposed aggregate as you want.

Steel Blasting and Painting

Mobile steel sandblasting is used on all types of steel projects, old rusted structural steel to truck and cars to new steel to create a good key for the paint to be applied. Aeroblast abrasive blasting follows Australian Standard 1627 to ensure a job done right. The next step after sandblasting is the application of protective coatings. We can apply anything from a single coat of primer to an extensive three coat system for steel to be submersed in water. Using a strong paint system will help protect your investment for years to come. 

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