Wet Sandblasting

Aeroblast Abrasive Blasting also offers wet sandblasting services, also known as dustless blasting. Wet blasting achieves the same result as traditional dry blasting; however, it adds water and reduces the amount of dust created. When wet sandblasting, a rust additive is inserted into the water to reduce the risk of flash rust.

Aeroblast most commonly uses dustless blasting technology when sandblasting pools, removing coatings from concrete or brickwork, houses or buildings – virtually in any scenario when dust can become an issue (usually in residential areas). Wet blasting can be used in the marine industry on boats, yachts, ships, in the removal of paint, gel coat and antifouling. This service can help your company by stripping colour and rust from all surfaces and creating sufficient surface profiles for fresh paint to be applied without the dust of traditional blasting.

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