Paint Removal From Brick Surfaces Using Grit Blasting Technologies.

Do you have bricks with flaky old paint in need of grit blasting? If you answered yes to this questions continue reading for a step by step guide of how paint removal on brick surfaces works using sandblasting technologies.
Grit blasting bricks can be completed with traditional dry sandblasting or wet sandblasting technologies. The process starts with our mobile shot blasting unit arrives to your site, ready for the day ahead with our top of the range sandblasting equipment. When Grit blasting brick, stone, concrete and masonry surfaces we use either crushed garnet or crushed glass as our blast media of choice. We can remove paint, stains, mold, and other surface containment's from bricks, stone, concrete and masonry. Utilizing our wet blasting technologies for your brick restoration project will suppress dust and minimize onsite mess.

Shot blasting brick surfaces is by far the most time effective method for paint removal there is, our team can remove up to 250 square meters per day per sandblast unit! A time frame far quicker than that of other methods with a smaller price tag! Our team is highly skilled in this area and happy to assist on your next project today! Grit blasting on bricks can be used to remove coatings to restore bricks to original condition or to remove paint so a new coating can be applied. This process can be used for external buildings, internal buildings, heritage buildings, and much more. The removal of paint from brick surfaces creates a great profile for new paint to adhere to, minimizing the risk of flaking paint in the future if you plan on repainting blasted surfaces.

Blasting bricks is a go to solution for your brick restoration project, feel free to get in contact with one of Aeroblast Abrasive Blastings brick sandblasting specialists today.

Typhoon Blaster Sand Blasting Pressure Washer Removes Paint From Brick  Building - YouTube